iVet is proud to launch The Skyla Solution chemistry analyser.

It’s here to solve some big problems with in-house diagnostics.

Problem 1:  High testing costs. At up to 40% cheaper than our competitors, the Skyla Solution allows your practice to grow your diagnostic revenue. Enjoy higher margins, or encourage more wellness testing, or both! The same reliable test results, at a much lower cost. SOLVED!

Problem 2: Capital Expense or locked in contracts. If you run even an average amount of tests in your practice, you can have a Skyla Solution installed at no cost. And more importantly, you will not be locked into a contract that has you paying too much, for too many consumables, for years. Don’t sign away your diagnostic business! With the Skyla Solution, you can cancel the arrangement at any time. SOLVED!

Problem 3: Inflexible or complicated analysers. The Skyla Solution is the first multi rotor system in the world, with single and dual parameter testing, as well as panels. Load three samples and walk away. Load samples after the first have started. Run full profile panels, or single and dual parameters for more economic patient monitoring. And it’s the easiest machine to operate. Insert a sample into a rotor, and then the rotor into a drawer. A full colour touch screen provides easy navigation and helpful tips. Scan the QC code on screen with your phone and watch a YouTube video showing you exactly what to do. SOLVED!

Problem 4: Inflexible Suppliers!  Why should you jump through hoops and bend over backwards? Here are some ways Vepa will make life easier, with the Skyla Solution.

  • Purchase any number of tests, any time. Yes, we will break packs for you.
  • Expiry promise. Give us 21 days’ notice of expiring tests and we will either send fresh ones or give you a refund. Your choice! No more wasted tests. No more wasted money.
  • 24/7 Support, 365 days per year, from a real human at the other end of the phone.
  • Many ways to order – phone, email, online, text. We will accommodate your choice.
  • And again, no locked-in contracts. You can return the analyser whenever you wish. Welcome to the Free World! SOLVED! Visit iVet Medical