VDU-1 Veterinary Dental Unit

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The VDU-1 Mobile Dental Unit provides advanced oral health and treatment applications. It is an indoor operation unit, with an easy-to-use mobile design, novel appearance, and easy operation. It includes professional medical casters with brakes, very silent to move, with high-end quality.

The unit is lightweight and can be moved freely. It can be used with an external air supply system, and there is a portable dental air compressor as an add-on option.

Net Weight: 13kg
Gross Weight: 18kg
Product Size: 61x55x83cm (LxWxH)

Standard Accessories:
Saliva Ejector (1pc)
High and Low-speed Handpiece Tubing (1pc each)
3-Way Syringe (1pc)
LED Curing Light (1pc)
Ultrasonic Scaler (1pc)
Clean Water Supply System (1set)
Drainage System (1set)
Foot Control (2pcs)

Fiber Optic Handpiece
Handpiece with LED generator
High Volume Suction
Dental Prophy Mate
Micro Motor
Oral Lighting System with a suction kit
Foldable Patient Chair
Foldable Dentist Stool
Dentist Saddle Stool
Moveable LED Operation Light
Dental Silent Oil-Free Air Compressor (110~240V 50/60Hz, 600W, 118L/min, 0~0.6Mpa)

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