Surgical Sutures Polyglycolic Acid Absorbable Suture (10+3 For Free)

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iVet's Polyglycolic Acid Sutures are distinguished by their high tensile strength and have excellent handling and knotting characteristics with highly reliable absorbability. 

The sutures are available in Violet color. They are Coated, Braided, and absorbable.

The five available thread sizes are: 

4/0 ; 3/0 ; 2/0 ; 0 ; 1 .

Suture length is 75 cm (29.5-in).

The Suture Needle is 3/8 circle-shaped and round-bodied, making it perfect for crucial procedures such as tendon repair, where suture cutout would be disastrous. A blunt-point, round-body needle dilates rather than cuts and is preferred in abdominal fascial closure, to prevent inadvertent visceral injury and bleeding.

Made with Polyglycolic Acid and coated with Polycaprolactone and Calcium Stearate, the sutures comply with USP and EP requirements. 

The reliable retention strength of iVet's Polyglycolic Acid Sutures is more than 65% of the initial strength after 14 days at 37°C. 


PGA sutures are indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but NOT for use in cardiovascular or neurological procedures.

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