Mindray Vetgenies 8 - Real Time PCR system
Mindray Vetgenies 8 - Real Time PCR system

Mindray Vetgenies 8 - Real Time PCR system

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Next Generation Diagnosis

PCR Technology

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), is a molecular biology technology used to amplify specific nucleic acid fragments. Through deformation, annealing, extension and other processes, specific nucleic acid fragments are replicated in vitro to amplifying small amounts of nucleic acid.

Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR technology adds a pair of specific fluorescent probes during PCR amplification. During PCR amplification, fluorescence signals are used to monitor the PCR process in real time. Each time a strand is amplified, a fluorescent signal is formed, and the intensity of the fluorescent signal is proportional to the amplification of the target fragment

Advantages of Real-time PCR

It is the gold standard for pathogen diagnosis, the most powerful supplement to existing methods

  1. Better Sensitivity: Short detection window, can detect a small amount of nucleic acid
  2. Better Specificity: Specific probes, accurate identification
  3. More Professional: Diagnose certain diseases that are difficult to diagnose with traditional clinical diagnosis methods


RT-PCR technology

  • Real-time monitoring of PCR process through fluorescence signal
  • Automatic interpretation of results
  • Output professional report


  • One-button operation
  • Compact design (8 wells for test)
  • Maintenance-free, calibration-free

Core technology

  • Nucleic acid extraction-free fully enclosed design (release nucleic acid in the tube, reducing contamination between samples)
  • Easy to use

Various test items

  • 25 test items
  • Provide respiratory, gastrointestinal and system diseases diagnosis