Mindray uMEC 12 Veterinary Monitor

Mindray uMEC 12 Veterinary Monitor

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The Mindray uMEC 12 Veterinary monitor combines safety and efficiency in veterinary monitoring. 

The four available parameters and customizable accessories make this machine an advanced addition to every animal healthcare practitioner's clinic.


Precise Monitoring
  • NIBP Specific algorithm for animal blood flow characteristics to measure quickly and accurately
  • SpO2 Advanced technologies for interference and weak perfusion
  • ECG The unique patented ECG algorithm and ECG Smart Lead ensure stable monitoring
  • Side-stream CO2 The particular sink design separates water effectively for both spontaneous and mechanical ventilation
  • pluralize accessories

Reliable And Durable
  • fan-free design, avoiding fur involvement
  • Fall- resistant and water-resistant
  • bent-resistant accessories

Efficient And Easy To Use
  • 12.1 inch LCD, Multiple display configurations can be achieved with simple smartphone-like swipe gestures, large font interface, simple and clear
  • Pioneering storage box design makes accessory management more efficient