Mindray M9 Vet

Mindray M9 Vet

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Technologies at an All New Level:

• Advanced multi-beam formation to highly increase the frame rate.

• Patented 3T transducer technology with single crystal • Echo BoostTM: 2D Echo optimization and enhancement technology.

• HDR Flow: High dynamic range color flow technology.

• HR Flow: High resolution color flow technology Developed for Veterinary Examination.

• iWorksTM: Standardized workflow with flexible user-define capability • iStationTM: Efficient patient data management system.

• iZoomTM: One key for screen zooming.

• MedSight: Direct data transfer between ultrasound system and smart phone.

• DICOM/HL7: DICOM 3.0 and HL7 Innovative Green Design.

• 15’ LED HD monitor with automatic brightness adjustment.

• Ultra-light 1.6mm Magnesium alloy main unit case.

• Inbuilt battery solutions to support Max. 3.5h continuous scanning.

• Reliable RoHS certified materials.