Mindray BC 2800 Vet

Mindray BC 2800 Vet

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The BC-2800 Vet is a compact, fully automatic hematology analyzer with 19 parameters for CBC testing and micro sampling technology. The user-friendly interface makes for easy and efficient workflow.  Pre-programmed for 13 animals plus an addition 3 user-defined animals means it will satisfy the requirements of most veterinary clinics. 

13 pre-determined animal settings (cat, dog, horse, mouse, rat, rabbit, pig, cow, buffalo, monkey, camel, sheep and goat) plus 3 programmable on request

. Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms covering dog, cat, mouse, rat, rabbit, monkey and horse.

. Time-pack reagent kits.

. Throughput: 25 samples per hour

. Sample volume: 13 UL (whole blood).

. Storage for up to 20,000 sample results (including histograms).

. Large Color LCD Display