iVet VMX-2

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The iVet VMX-2 Anesthesia machine, oxygen gas-driven, is indicated for anesthesia during surgery, specifically in the management and control of breathing anesthesia for a single patient.

It consists of a main unit, vaporizer (optional anesthetic agents: enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane), flowmeter components, breathing circuit system, etc.

The anesthesia machine is integrated with a respiratory system with a pressure limiting device, anesthetic ventilation system, anesthetic gas delivery device, anesthetic ventilator:

- The pressure restriction device complies with IEC 60601-2-13.

- The AGSS transfer and receiving system complies with ISO 8835-3.

- The anesthetic gas delivery device complies with ISO 8835-4.

- The anesthetic ventilator complies with ISO 8835-5.

Air supply: 

The gas supply includes pipeline gas and cylinder gas. The input pressure of each pipeline gas supply is 0.4 to 0.6MPa.

In order to assure the safety of the patient, it is equipped with a Relief Valve of, the pressure is 758kPa (110psi). All gas supply is equipped with a filter and monitored by a pressure gauge. Cylinder gas supply O2 the maximum pressure of cylinder supply is 15MPa.

Before the gas enters into anesthesia machine, it is equipped with a regulator and filter to reduce the pressure of the cylinder to 0.4-0.6 MPa.

Breathing circuit system:

A breathing circuit system is a closed circuit that absorbs the expired CO2 for recycling and meanwhile recycling anesthesia gas.

During manual ventilation, ventilation is done by squeezing the manual airbag. APL valve is used to adjust the pressure in the airway during manual ventilation. ACGO selector switch realizes the conversion between DC breathing mode and circular breathing mode and realizes the open ventilation function after ACGO is started.

Main Unit dimensions:

1350 × 680 × 600 mm(height ×width ×depth) (single-vaporizer, not including breathing system)

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