eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope

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Listen crystal clear, record and share. A veterinary stethoscope for animal health improves audio quality by digitally reducing ambient noise.

With WiFi connectivity, compatible with Android and iOS devices. Assisted auscultation filtering cardiac and pulmonary sounds, allowing to record auscultations through the "eKuore Vet APP"

eKuore Veterinary stethoscope

eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope is an electronic stethoscope for animal health that improves the audio quality by digitally reducing ambient noise. WiFi connectivity and compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

What features would you ask from a vet stethoscope of the 21st century?

Expect more from your digital veterinary stethoscope

Sound quality

eKuore vet stethoscope allows you to choose between 5 sound levels to help determine a patient's condition easily. Change filters between cardiac and pulmonary sounds, to better help diagnostics. The digital ambient noise reduction of the eKuore Vet is also an essential feature in noisy or loud natural environments

Wirelessly store and share auscultations through the APP

To monitor and store patient evolution

WiFi secure wireless connection

Easy and secure connection to avoid data loss

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics

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