eKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor

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eKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor is fast and easy to use, and there is no need to shave short-haired animals

eKuore Portable Cardiac Monitor

For hospitalization, vet surgery, and post-op monitor and get it to work in 30 seconds

What features would you ask from a veterinary Cardiac Monitor of the 21st century?

Live Cardiac Activity on your smartphone

Allows you to get a 1 lead ECG in just 30 seconds

Surgery and post-op monitor

Stream in real-time to your smart device, record, share and safely store ECG data on the patient history file

Vet Cardiac stress test

Allowing you to make remote clinical measurements

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics.

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