eKuore Digital Portable Veterinary ECG 6 Leads

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A Digital Veterinary ECG that connects to your smart device

Portable digital ECG allows you to eliminate cable and store electrocardiograms on your smart devices

eKuore Digital veterinary ECG 6 leads

Connect our Veterinary ECG to your smart device to record the cardiac activity of your patients wirelessly via Bluetooth and save the electrocardiogram on the APP.

What features would you ask from a digital veterinary ECG of the 21st century?

Real-time recording

Stream in real-time to your smart device, record, share and safely store test results on the patient history file

Digital monitoring

Digitally monitor cardiac activity, allowing measurements to be taken for the required time interval through your smart device so you can use it as a heart monitor


Take measurements anywhere connecting via Bluetooth, the digital ECG. You will only need to place three clamps/electrodes, reducing stress on the patient

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics.

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