EDAN i15 VET Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer

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Determine blood gases and electrolytes with the EDAN i15 VET. The user-friendly EDAN i15 VET gives you quick and accurate measurements within 70 seconds with only 110 μl sample volume. 

Portable, lightweight

Capable to run 50 samples with fully-charged battery

Diagnose at the point of care, patient side, out in the field or exam room

Easy, Quick and Convenient

Zero maintenance

Minimize hands on time and training requirement


Report is ready within one minute after sample aspiration

Accurate and Reliable

Innovative microchip liquid control technology and micro-sensor multifunction membrane technology

High sensitivity and accuracy

Calibrator, Control and Electronic simulator to TRIPLE guarantee the RESULTS!

Flexible Data Management

Acquire patients’ information via barcode/QR code

Up to 10,000 patient data storage

4 USB ports and LAN/WiFi for data management

Optional data management software

Multi-parameter cartridge

Multi popular time-sensitive parameters come in one cartridge, including ABG, electrolytes and metabolites

Single-use cartridge avoids contamination

Room temperature storage with long shelf-life

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